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Why choose us ?

You are new in gaming world? You do not know game hostings on Balkan? Here you will learn why Balkan has only one real Game hosting!

  1. When you are making a server or community you want them to be stable and to last long, even for more years. For that you need stable and well experienced hosting. Quality of KGB Hosting is the best shown on top ranked server that we host:
    1. On, of top40 servers, we host 22 servers, other hosting on Balkan do not have servers in top40, the rest are foreign hosters ;)
    2. On world scene, in top40 servers KGB Hosting hosts 8 servers. no Balkan hosting has server in top40, even other top40 servers are each hosted by other hosting, so KGB Hosting hosts the most top rank servers in whole world as single hosting!
  2. We are here for 6 years, we never spared on good and new equipment, so in 6 years of work, we already changed our machines 3 times. Whenever there is a problem with some machine, we instantly change it with new one so you will not wait long if there is a machine problem and they are rare anyway. We watch resource usage on machines so when we see some CPU is overloaded we move some servers to other machines so we save clients from lag. It is easy for us to fix that unlike hosting with 1 or 2 machines because we have more than 70 machines so we can always find some space to move servers from lagging machines. At the end, our clients experience tells it all. The most of them are with us for years, some went because they found lower price but eventually they come back to quality and stability.
  3. Very important for stability of your server is DDoS protection. KGB Hosting is the only game hosting on Balkan that has full DDoS protection on Premium location. Lite location in Germany is twice as cheap and has more limited protection.
  4. Our support is unique. At any other hosting,. you will find closed door for the most support requests but but not here, if you are polite and speak to us with respect, we will help you as much as we can, although there are some things that we do not do. Our supporters are not kids, but men 25 to 30+ years of age. They have much experience to help you to start your server. Even to maintain it in the future. We have solved more than 190.000 support tickets on more than 20.000 servers for 6 years of work so you can be sure that we know a thing or two.
  5. Our forum is unique for this region. We have over 30.000 users, forum is divided into more sections, you can find good neighbor there that can help you with your server if support is unable to. Many tutorials and good socials are trademarks of our forum which is also the oldest game hosting forum in the region. If you try to read other hosting forums you will wind that it is failed copy of our forum.
  6. Quality is justified with price also, we have lowered prices greatly in June 2013 so you will hardly find much cheaper hosting but their services surely can not compare to ours. For your money, you will get the most with us, there are some hostings that has lower price per slot but when you add it all, we are the cheapest.

    SO what will you get if you buy server from us:

    • For every CS 1.6 32 slot server you can ask support to install also free 12 slot CW server.
    • You will get one free boost that can be activated every 5 days. So 6 boosts per month for each server. So you spare 7.2 eur per month. (only for CS 1.6)
    • For servers 24 slots and more, you will get free FDL and also DDoS protection for it.
    • Our Premium location is unique. All players from Serbia play local, with very low ping 5-20 and they are attacks free, all the world comes through Germany and DDoS protection. Romanians, Bulgarians and Hungarians also have 25 ping, as for Bosnia, onlt m:tel and Telemach ISP has 10-20 ping, other ISPs from Bosnia, also all Croatia, Macedonia, and Montenegro better choose Lite location
    • We are a licensed Team Speak 3 hosting so we can sell you TS3 server with 50% discount if you own a game server from us.
  7. Our CS 1.6 servers come with over 20 mods which you can change with one click in our panel. Click Screenshot